Little known ways to transfer property ownership

Due to challenging circumstances that happen unannounced, often, or sometimes causes property owners to default on their mortgage, property taxes, or any other financial responsibilities. As a result, property owners must sell their property, house, or land in some cases while they decide to sell their home in others. In either case, the seller transfers […]

Tax auction Vs Bank auction

Homeowners who default on their property tax payments Foreclosed by a government entity Benefits the government Property tax auctions is conducted on courthouse steps or virtually The government sole purpose is to recover what was owed in back taxes, so the starting bid is at the value of what is owed Foreclosure for property taxes […]

Here is a quick way to adjust property taxes

Examine your assessment Check the number of bedrooms, bath, square footage, and similar information against your property for accuracy. Take advantage of exemptions Get the homestead exemption! Compare your assessment Collect at least five assessments from similar homes in your area. Identify outside factors Identify factors that negatively impact your property’s value that are beyond […]

What Property Owners Ought to Know About Deductible Nonbusiness Taxes

There are four types of deductible nonbusiness taxes State and local real estate taxes Yearly taxes paid on a home can be claimed on the homeowner’s tax return. In Florida, homeowners must file a schedule A for itemized deductions on their tax return. Some of the charges that can’t be itemized are: Fees for the […]

Lowering Your Property Tax Bill 101

Understand Your TRIM notice In Miami Dade County, TRIM notices are sent to all property owners by August 24 Key things to look for are property value, assessed value, exemptions, mill rate, Ad & Non-Ad taxes. Review Your Property Card This card is analogous to a career resume, but the difference here is that it […]

Five things to do to save your property from tax foreclosure in Florida!!

Apply for a payment plan Section 197.222, F.S. allows a taxpayer to prepay property taxes by an installment payment method. The Miami-Dade County tax office sends out a notice for the entire amount due around November 1, and taxpayers must apply for installment payments by April 30. Link to the application: Taxpayers should receive […]